Felix is a naive type of child because when he was going to escape the orphanage Jankiel stopped him right before he was going to open the gate and said “I can’t tell you what they are doing because Mother Minka made me swear on the bible that I wouldn’t tell anyone. She doesn’t want […]

My favorite character in once is Felix. Felix is my favorite character because he likes to write and he follows his dreams that his mum and dad are alive. He escaped the orphanage to find his mum and dad. Felix liked to read books so he writes his own ones about his parents. Felix is […]

When Jews were taken to concentration camps they Nazis told the Jews that they were being “resettled”. The Nazis didn’t tell them that they were going to be killed. The Jews were not allowed to take anything they were stripped and left to fight over a pile of second hand clothes. Many of the Jews […]

The film I watched is called “Expelled”. The film is about a boy called Felix and he does lots of pranks. Well his last prank got him expelled from Eastwood high school. Felix needed to make sure his parents don’t know because he doesn’t want to end up like his brother Ben who got put […]

The physical evidence Felix had of his parents is that he had a whole carrot in his soup. Felix knew that usually a whole carrot would be cut up so everyone in the orphanage could have a little bit. Because of that Felix thought that his parents had sent his favourite vegetable to him as […]

The book I read is called “The hundred mile per hour dog Christmas chaos.” The author is called Jeremy strong and he has written loads of the hundred mile per hour dog books and he has written other books that don’t involve the hundred mile per hour dog. The name of the hundred mile per […]

As I am in my cell my brain is spinning wondering how to escape out of this pigsty. I will need some tools to get through these bars, luckily I’m a shadowy person and they don’t even know my gender. I thought for a while and I figured as a goaler came past I could […]

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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway